Rules of Forum's, Info

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Rules of Forum's, Info

Post  Mike_McLovin on Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:36 pm

Rules of Forums, Please read it before posting something

Forum's are IC soo no megagaming, and i know its IC but no insulting please.
On forum's you can apply for some faction's, you can report someone for hacking , or metagaming , etc. Remember in game is year 1992 and for factions you must be 18+ year old (in game). Do not ask for forum adminship, or rank on forums. When you are in faction you get to a usergroup in forums. Every usergroup has a colour like admin on forums are orange , LSPD blue , Government Purple , Medics Red etc.
For applying for faction you must copy the Application format and fill it in new topic named like [LSPD] Application : (your name) , or [EMS] Application : (your name) . When leader of the faction think your application is good he invite you to the faction in game.
When you get accepted forum Topic get locked, and never unlocked.

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