New scripted things

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New scripted things

Post  Mike_McLovin on Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:11 pm

Okay, soo today 29/12/2009 ,we finished another faction LSFD - Los Santos fire department.
Car's was scripted by Mike Michle, and Skins / Rank's / Commands by Mike McLovin. LSFD needs a leader soo contact one of us in game and you get the FS Chief rank.

Okay, another faction made 29/12/2009 , Mike McLovin made rank's and skins and HQ position for EMS - Medic's. Soo we are right now adding some medic cars for EMS. At this moment no commands to heal. We are working on it. Soo we need another man who will lead EMS.

Scripted new faction >>Mechanics<< by Mike_McLovin, 28/12/2009 . Skins are added , ranks too but no commands at the moment same as EMS. Command's not added yet.

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